I’ve found life to be a lot like a pickle!
Most days are not real, real happy or real, real sad.  It is how we treat the day that makes it sweet or sour.
I’ll say because it taste good, so thats the good days , but its also crunchy like the ups and downs we go through in life, and sometimes its bitter just like things and people we know, and u just have to say extra pickles when u get a sandwich !! :)

Sometimes it’s sweet and sometimes it’s sour
Sometimes it’s crunchy and snappy
Sometimes it’s mushy and bendy
Some are big and some are little
Some are fat and some are skinny.

Sometimes when it’s sour and makes you pucker up, and is delicious and enjoyable at the same time.
In life I have learned when it rains sometimes it pours, then when the sun comes out it really shines. I look forward to the sun after a rain.